How it begun

The project Taroço was founded by three young mans, from the city of Setúbal, which noticed a lack in the market, of products of high quality, tasty and benefit to our health. After finding the lack they starting making an intense research for a production factor that would satisfy the quality wanted and at the same time it was a product with some charisma in Portugal, the Lupine. With the production factor found, they started to perform a series of tests of transformation of lupine, reaching the first type of product of Taroço, the Lupine pate. From this point on the persistency and resilience of the Taroço team allowed the sustainable evolution of the project, arousing the curiosity of the company Tremoceira, which had allied to Taroço, speeding the process of industrial scale production with the highest quality and accuracy, without ever differing from his mission and vision. From here we reach the present where the well know BEL group has demonstrated full interest in joining Taroço, forming a strong alliance, serious and balanced so that the project can expand even more, opening the door of the change of food habits to everyone, in and outside Portugal

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