Benefícios do Taroço

The benefits of Taroço


In the past decades, the number of vegans and vegetarians has been increasing, opening a need to innovate and present new products of the highest quality that can satisfy the needs of these consumers and can surprise the flavor of everyone. Taroço flavor and quality linked together.

100% Natural:

In the majority of the food industries, it is common the addition of preservatives and dyes, but the information regarding the harmful effects that they have in your body, like the carcinogenic potential, is ignored or omitted. Taroço products were made after intensive studies and tests to reach a product with the harmonious fusions of spices and natural products, where it is not necessary use dyes or preservatives.

Recommended to diabetics:

Taroço products have a residual amount of simple sugars, carbohydrates, low fat and calories, and high fiber content. The carbohydrates present in our products are benefic to a diabetic person, due to the very slow absorption by our body.

Without Gluten

Gluten is a group of insoluble proteins present in several cereals, like wheat, rye and barley. These proteins, when present in the intestine of a celiac patient, will provoke an immunologic reaction of the own body, appearing wounds the intestine mucosal, decreasing the absorption capacity of nutrients by the intestine. Taroço products were tested and formulated in order to not contain any ingredient which has gluten.

Without Lactose:

The lactose intolerance, describes the lack of capability of our body to process or degrade lactose in much simpler structures like galactose and glucose. Lactose is a carbohydrate exclusively present in the milk or derivate products. This reduction or complete stop of lactase production is normal when a mammal passes to his adult phase, therefore the intolerance to lactose is not a disease, but something normal on the life of the mammals has proven in a study published in 2002. To reach the maximum of consumers possible, Taroço products were develop to not contain lactose in his ingredients.


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